Alpha Timbo


From living amid a Civil war, Alpha grew up without the guidance of his parents or guardians. As a result, misfortunes led him to experience homelessness, sleeping under bridges, public washrooms, and public parks in terrible neighborhoods. He dropped out of High School and worked for many years in the corporate world-surviving on pay-check to pay-check jobs. 

As he grew older, Alpha learned to maximize on all the negative experiences of his life. His experiences throughout his life have been a tool for him to impact, teach, inspire, and mentor people from different walks of life. Victims of abuse, poverty, homelessness, mediocrity, addiction, low-self esteem, and those considered misfits, he helped, to find "solutions to problems." Giving answers to ordinary individuals with life-long awaited questions in other to help them be all they could be. 

As a gifted author, speaker, and leader, he consistently empowered others to turn their bad experiences and circumstances into triumphant stories to develop character and a positive perception of themselves. Helping them to understand that who they are as individuals of destiny will show in times of great difficulty. In his teachings, with all the insights and advice he had imparted into the lives of people throughout the years, he truly believes that his contents and lessons will undoubtedly inspire those who read and apply them will surely reach their most significant potential. 


  • Walking with PURPOSE!
  • From Poverty to Prosperity
  • Your Dreams are yours to live
  • Transitioning from a mindset of captivity to a mindset of freedom
  • Design your future
  • Unlimited thinking leads to unlimited wealth
  • The CHAMPION within you
  • Be your own brand
  • It can happen for me too

  • The Curse of Mediocrity
  • Developing a Character of Positive Change
  • Your imaginations are the evidence of who you are to become
  • You deserve to be happy.
  • Be the architect of your dreams fulfilled
  • The birthday of a millionaire
  • The sign of a sure failure is the tendency to QUIT!


  • Building Confidence
  • A Positive perception of oneself
  • Your Dreams are yours to live
  • Attaining Positive Character
  • Emotional Maturity about current circumstances, situations, & oneself
  • Motivated & inspired crowds
  • People believe that they are Over-comers & not victims
  • Education of oneself
  • A Positive Renewed Mind