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Living the Contented Life

Live a life of gratitude and do something extraordinary for someone else each day. I am Alpha Timbo, based in Toronto, and I'll help you every step of the way. I love to see lives enriched and will share all I have come to know about living the contented life.


I offer help and encouragement in the books I write. Learn to find peace and contentment each day as you soak in the truths I present.


In this increasingly cynical world, the word "ambitious" has become synonymous with greed and a lust for fame or power. This misconception, whether adopted consciously or unconsciously, has trapped countless generations in mediocrity, keeping entire families and communities from ever thriving, cultivating their inherent potential, or changing the world (and themselves) for the better.

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This book breaks down ambition into its constituent parts and teaches us how to take advantage of our own potential for change, moving beyond the limits we have always believed to be true and stepping outside of mediocrity. We are designed to excel, and the obstacles and challenges we face in life are there to teach us and propel us forward.

Without the rain that falls, a seed will never reach beyond its small protective shell to become something amazing, adding beauty or shelter or sustenance to the world. By harnessing our ambition in its purest form, we can break out of those shells that hold us back and finally grow into whatever it is we were always meant to become.

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