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Alpha Timbo, Motivational Speaker

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I am Alpha Timbo, a motivational speaker, author, and relationship counselor. I'm based in Toronto, from where I provide nationwide services that include counseling and mentoring people from all walks of life about family and emotional development issues. I speak about character development and how to create and expand a positive mindset. I'm compassionate, caring, and supportive. Life-changing solutions to your questions are sure to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you when you apply yourself to my transformational teaching methods.

No matter what your fears or present situation has done to hamper you in the enjoyment of life, I can offer practical solutions that will lift you from the depths of despair. I lived a very rough life growing up, and feelings of despondency were common. As an outcast during my late teenage years, I got into some trouble. In my early 20s, my newfound Christian faith helped me grow and learn about who we are as people. Today, after returning to school to become a counselor, I offer hope in the form of counseling, public speaking, and the printed word. Don't let hopelessness and a heavy heart weigh you down. Reach out to me today for the relief you deserve.

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